Who gives the GMAT?

MBA aspirants across the globe take the GMAT for being offered a place in a good Management program (provided other factors such as experience, profile, leadership skills etc are in check). Every top business schools needs the GMAT score to make decisions.

What does it test?

This adaptive test evaluates four basic areas: Analytical skills (1 essay, 30 mins, worth 0-6 points), Integrated Reasoning skills (30 mins, 12 items), Quantitative reasoning (75 mins, 37 questions) and Verbal reasoning (75 mins, 41 questions). The raw scores of Verbal and Quantitative section are combined to give a scaled score that lies between 200 (minimum) and 800 (maximum). Most top B-schools ask for 700+.

When and how to give the test?

The test can be taken multiple times an year (not more than 5) and you need a test appointment (and a valid passport) to register at The test takes approximately 4 hours to complete.